Our clients benefit from our in-depth aviation industry experience and knowledge, and our commitment to service ensures you get the right cover to suit your specific needs.

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Since 2010 our dedicated insurance brokers have been providing specialist aviation insurance solutions, advice and risk management to all levels of the aviation industry across Australia.

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Our aim is to find our clients the broadest scope of cover at optimum terms available. Find out more about how we can make a difference for you and learn more about the services we can offer.

BMG Aviation is now proud to be part of Gallagher Insurance,
Risk Management and Consulting.

We provide specialist aviation insurance, advice and solutions across Australia. Whether you're an international or regional airline, operate commercial fixed or rotary-wing aircraft, or are a private owner, we can protect you with the right cover.

Our Services

Aircraft Hull and Liability

Insurance cover for any type of aircraft, from UAV to glider to commercial airliner. Protects against loss or damage to your aircraft and against third party or passenger liability arising from an accident.

Hangarkeepers Liability Insurance

Protects you from liability for damage to aircraft on your premises and/or under your care, and liability arising from the sale of aircraft products or the provision of aviation service.

Airport Owner's Liability

As a business operating in or around an airport, clients are exposed to a unique variety of major risks. This insurance protects airport operators from a myriad of risks in and around the airport zone.

Chemical Drift Insurance

Protects against specific risks, such as those posed by chemical drift.

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